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about Jasmine :

Age: 8

Date of Birth: October 3

Model from: Jonesboro, GA

Place you would love to visit: Jamaica #1, also China, and Japan… many more

Favorite things: My iPad

fmp#051boy wrote: Hola! I'm new on this site, and would love it if I could get some honest feed back on my profile and my portfolio photos. I want to have a truly awe-inspiring portfolio, and I feel that brutally honest, unbiased opinions are the best ways of getting there. Thank you!
jeramieMitchell wrote: Also, may work to his advantage that he has longer hair now... potential to try more different looks.
boundary wrote: Pretty boy.
maggie06 wrote: I've only been doing this for 3 weeks, so I haven't had a chance to experiment very much.
uxez wrote: MissPixie x2
wallace33 wrote: Helen is a hoot, I had a fab shoot with her and personaly I think she should be charging people for her services as she can already pose REALLY well, has charima and doesnt need to be directed through every move. Ive worked with a lot of 'so called' models and I can state categoricaly Helen wipes the floor with them in ability, looks and personality. One of the best people Ive worked with and not just because of the cheese burger and milk shakes she bought me at burger king. 10/10
northrup wrote: He allowed me to direct him as to what shots I wanted and worked very effeciently...would love to work with him again :)
adrienne wrote: Im going to help..I will PM you when I have something for you.
keiko wrote: I guess the lesson here depends, to some extent, on who is paying whom. If you are paying the model you can certainly do whatever you want, but it's nice to know if the model has any preferences. If the model is paying you, it's best to get guidance from her/him as to preferences. On a trade shoot where you are doing some images for yourself and some for her/him, go where s/he wants with her/his images and suit yourself for your own.

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